Print it by Email


You send us your files; we will print them and post them to you.


1. Send us your document by email and the address to where we should send the printed document.

2.We will send you a PayPal invoice.

3.Once paid, the document will be printed and posted by mail.


Delivery Address in Canada

1-5 pages – CAD $5 dollars
5 extra pages – CAD $2.50 dollars

Delivery Address in USA

1-5 pages – CAD $7.50 dollars
5 extra pages – CAD $3.75 dollars


What if I gave you the wrong address?

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. Once the documents have been posted, Canada Post will deliver them. If the documents are returned, we will inform you by email and destroy them.

What if I want the delivery to be made to a foreign country?

The cost for the delivery to your address will be included in the invoice we will send you.

Do you offer other alternatives to pay besides PayPal?

Sorry, at this moment, we only accept PayPal.

Why does this service exist?

Since many of us have tried to go paperless, not everyone has access to a printer and considering the time it might take to get to one and print it etc., I thought there must a better way, so I came up with this service.

What happens to my email after it gets printed?

We delete it.

How private is the document?

We take privacy very seriously. We do have to briefly read some of the contents to make sure the print is clear. We usually check only the sender’s address and the first paragraph. We will never divulge the contents of your document to anyone or use the content in any way or form not sanctioned by you. The document is considered your property; therefore we only provide a service for you and the person you are sending it to.

How should I inform you of the physical address I want the printed document to be sent to?

Put it in the body of the email you send us.

How long does it take you to print and send my document?

Once we receive your payment, it takes us one business day to print it and post it.

If the document is in colour, do you print it in colour?

At the present moment, we only print documents in black and white.

Is there a tracking number for the documents you post?

Unless you request this from the beginning, we will send it via regular post without a tracking number.