To help people that cannot use email, we can send their messages via regular post.


Send a letter by email:

Mail us your letter and a check payment. We will digitalize your letter and send it via an email that contains a real size image of it.

Get an email reply by letter:

When a reply is received, we will print it and send it to you by post.


Occasional User

Regular User

Description Pay as you go For frequent users
Price $5 per incoming letter   $250 per year
Incoming letters (letter to email) 1 5 per month
Outgoing letters (email to letter)* 1 10 per month
Payment method Check Check or online
Max number of pages 5 10

*Out of office replies are not consider outgoing letters


Why does this service exist?

Not everyone can use a computer or cell phone; my grandmother cannot and she prefers to write letters and receive letters, so I came up with this.


Make it out to “Ideas On That”

How should I inform you of the email address I want my letter to be sent to?

Put it along with our physical address. See the example below:
1388 Sherbrooke East Av.
Montreal , QC

How do I pay?

Send us your letter and a check to:

4253, rue Henri-Julien
Montréal, Qc
H2W 2K7

If you want to be a regular user, send us your letter and a check for the year subscription, We will use the return address on your letter as a reference to identify which letters are yours.

What if the email address I send you is wrong?

If we get a failure to deliver message, we will return your letter and check to you.

What if there is no reply to the letter I send?

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. But if there is a reply within 1 year, we will post it to you.

What if the first answer you get is an out of office reply?

No problem, we will send it to you in a letter. Once you get a real reply, we will also send it to you via post.

What if I live outside Canada?

At the present moment, we can only accept check payments in Canadian dollars. Sorry.

Why do you need my address?

So we can send you the reply to your letter by regular mail.

What if I get more than one reply?

We will send you the first real reply and any out of office message. If there are more replies, we will inform the sender of how we can convert them to letters and the cost.

Why THE price?

To cover our cost of manually scanning the letter, managing the platform that links the letters to email addresses and to be able to pay for the postage of sending you the reply.

What happens to my letters after they are scanned?

The original letters are destroyed.

How private are my letters?

We take privacy very seriously. When we scan your letters, we do have to briefly read some of the contents to make sure the scanning is clear; this is usually just the sender’s address and the first paragraph. We will never divulge the contents of your letters to anyone or use the contents of your letters in any way or form not sanctioned by you. The letter is considered your property, therefore we only provide a service for you and for the person you send the letter to.

How long does it take you to send my letter via email?

Once we receive your letter, it takes us one business day to scan and email it.

How long does it take you to post the reply I get?

Once we receive a reply to the email sent, it takes us one business day to print it and mail it to you.

If the email reply is in colour, do you print it in colour?

At the present moment, we only print letters in black and white.

Is there a tracking number for the replies you send by mail?

No, we send them through regular post.